What are SUBgroups?

Welcome! Registration for our October cohort is now open!
Registration is open during the window September 21-25.
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Participants: if you do not receive an email from us, please check your spam folder. Still nothing? Please reach out: gradsubgroups@gmail.com

Our September cohort is up and running, with over 150 participants from programs across the US, Canada, and the world!

What are SUBgroups?

  • small online peer groups of first-year math grad students that connect student with experiences and identities in common.
  • regularly-scheduled video chat sessions to connect with and support first-years in other programs
  • chances to share successes and struggles, to lift up others, and to bridge into new math experiences. Learn more.

Here’s what some former SUBgroups participants had to say:

“I liked being able to talk to other students who had similar experiences to me. It was a place where I could safely vent about my own school/cohort. It was neat to learn about different programs and how they function.”

“I felt like I was able to learn a lot about other peoples’ experiences and that helped make me feel that I was not alone.”

“You should do it. There are a lot of great people in the math community, and this can help you start to meet them!”

We are glad to share that a team of junior physicists has started SU(5), a program modeled on SUBgroups for first-year physics grad students. Please tell your physics friends & colleagues!

Want to learn more about SUBgroups? Here’s how it works.

Over 60 first-year math grad students were a part of our SUBgroups cohorts in Fall 2019. Grad programs across many states were represented, as well as programs in Canada and around the world!




Bryn Mawr

Cal State – East Bay

Colorado State



Florida Atlantic

George Mason

George Washington

Georgia Tech

Iowa State


Michigan State



Notre Dame

Ohio State

SUNY Albany



Texas A&M

University of British Columbia

UC Riverside

UC San Diego

UC Santa Barbara

Universidad de Chile

University of Colorado – Denver

University of Georgia

University of Hamburg

University of Michigan

University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

University of Montana

University of New Mexico

University of Oklahoma

University of Oregon

University of Texas – Arlington

University of Texas – Austin

University of Toronto

University of Victoria

University of Washington

University of Windsor

University of Wisconsin – Madison

Washington University in St. Louis


West Virginia University

Worcester Polytechnic Institute